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The CB Group is committed to protecting users’ safety and privacy. In this respect, they have drawn up this Privacy Policy, therefore reinforcing their commitment to and respect for the personal data privacy and protection rules.
This Privacy Policy describes the types of Personal Data collected by the CB Group, the purpose for such collection, as well as alternatives in which such data would be shared and other Personal Data handling, as well as protective measures adopted for the Personal Data collected.
Completing the data collection forms and supplying the information, directly or indirectly, entail acknowledging the terms under this Policy and any other specific terms, policies and conditions related to the services provided.


  1. Personal data are those related to an identified or identifiable person.
  2. Several forms of data handling are used, such as: Collection, storage, sharing, use, modification, exclusion and disposal.
  3. Data collected during your appointment are stored and processed on Microsoft cloud and subsequently transferred to our systems. The CB Group has a contract to store and process personal data with TIVIT Terceirização de Processos, Serviços e Tecnologia S.A.
  4. The following Personal Data categories are collected:
  5. a. Identity data: name, last name, user name, date of birth, email address, telephone number.
    b. Profile data: user name and password, interests, preferences, comments and search results, marital status, gender, function.
    c. Sensitive data: for purposes of providing aircraft charter services – Icon Med (medical transport service with aerial ICU) data related to the health of those transported are collected, as well as when selling vehicles with discounts for people with disabilities (PCD) under the Law 10.690.
    d. Data regarding prospect collaborators and related information, when the holder of such data applies for a job in the company.
    Note: The information provided is not used for any sort of automatic decision that may affect you.


The data collected are handled only for the time required for the purpose of their collection when they are collected, whether for providing services or selling assets, aiming specifically to meet legal requirements applicable to the respective business, or based on the legitimate interest of CB Group for purposes of internal policies or authorization by the data subject.
Users’ personal data are handled to provide sales or services that are relevant to them. For that purpose, sometimes it is necessary to cross the collected data so that marketing actions target what the user expects from the CB Group.
Regarding the period in which the personal data will be handled, this is established according to their nature, amount and sensitivity, as well as to the risk of collecting and handling such data when compared to disclosing non-authorized personal data, and if it is possible to reach the same purpose without compromising quality using other means, always respecting the user and legal requirements.


Your Personal Data may be shared with:

  • All companies within the CB Group formed by Icon Aviation, Icon Realty and CB Autos brands.
  • Service providers or third parties working on behalf of the company to improve CB Group business.
  • Service providers or third-parties to the extent defined by law;
  • Service providers or third-parties regarding improving or combined acquisition of the company’s products and services;
  • With those authorized by the user;
  • Other entities, as required under the applicable legislation;
  • In case of assets sale or transfer.

Note: The CB Group do not read your confidential communication.


Depending on the service requested or the goods acquired through the CB Group, your personal data may be transferred to partners within European Economic Area (EEA) or to the target country for the service contracted. All data transferred or shared are supported by safeguards, by the company’s protection and care, according to the Brazilian’s General Data Privacy Law together with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This transfer is utmost importance for delivering goods or providing services requested by the user.


The CB Group guarantees that all personal information provided is in a controlled, safe environment, protected from non-authorized access, ensuring that users’ personal information cannot be accessed, used, or exposed in a non-authorized way. Users’ data are protected from accidental or unlawful situations, from inadequate destruction, loss or modification.

Means, safeguards and risk mitigation mechanisms adopted:

  • Data encryption;
  • Personal data anonymisation;


Eventually, the aerial charter service may made available for underage children, together with their legal guardians and only the data required by law (Child and Adolescent Statute) will be collected, for the children safety and best interest. It is important to emphasize that the CB Group will not share this data with third-parties, and that they use technological protection mechanisms aiming to prevent the accidental disclosure of such data.
Data collected:

  • Name, last name, age and parents data;


The owner of the data handled by the CB Group may, at any time, upon request, obtain the following actions:
a. Data confirmation, access, correction: The owner is entitled to confirm which data are collected and how they are handled, as well as to have access to them and to correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data, handled by the CB Group.
b. Anonymisation, block or elimination of personal data acquired through the Treatment Authorization, or excessive or unnecessary data for the purpose intended.
c. Collect data sent to transfer to third-parties.
d. Information about entities with which the CB Group shares and has shared the owner’s personal data;
In order to exercise their rights as personal data owner described above, please, contact us by email:


8.1 Cookies Policy
“Cookie” is a small electronic data file that portals send to your electronic address when you visit them. They can be in same parts of this portal, aiming to track how users navigate through the site and to collect useful information to improve user’s experience, and to allow the site to work properly.

In case you prefer that the cookies are not installed in your computer, it is recommended to configure your browser so that you are warned before a cookie is sent, so that you can reject it.

8.2 How to remove cookies from your browser

  1. In your computer, open your browser;
  2. On to top right corner, click on Settings;
  3. Under “Privacy and safety”, click on Cookies and other site data;
  4. Click on see all cookies and site data – Remove all;
  5. Confirm clicking on Clean.

8.3 Data collected
Technical data:

  • Internet Protocol Address (IP);
  • Exclusive Cookie ID;
  • Device ID;
  • Login data, browser type and version, time zone configuration and location;
  • Browser plug-in versions and type;
  • Operational system, platform and other technologies available in the device used to access the site.

8.4 When you send a query over the site.
When you have an query over the site, data like name, contact telephone number, and email address are requested and, depending on the service quoted, location information is also requested.
This information is used to reply to your query, and to provide any request and information about the company’s products and services. You can also receive emails after your query, to follow-up on your interests and ensure that your expectations are met. This is a legitimate action aiming to provide accurate information prior to a sale.
The information provided is not used for any sort of automatic decision that may affect you.


This site may have links or frames to other sites within the CB Group or partners. The CB Group shall not be responsible for information posted by third-parties on their sites, from redirected links. Links and frames available are aimed only to offer additional benefits to the users. In case you choose to visit any other site using a link on this page, you do so at your own risk and shall be responsible for adopting the safety measures required to protect from viruses and other destructive elements. The presence of links on this site cannot be construed as the CB Group sponsors or is associated to any entity whose products or services are mentioned on the site directed by the link, and it cannot be construed as if the CB Group acknowledges, agrees or is responsible for such products or services or for the content on such sites. The CB Group is not responsible for eventual losses and damages incurred due to the use of such links and frames.


This policy may be updated at any time by the CB Group, therefore, it is recommended to check for eventual changes made, and to be updated about new procedures adopted.


To contact us or to exercise your rights described in this personal data protection law, please, use this e-mail address:

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