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Citation Jet 3 – CJ3

The CJ3 is the sixth generation of the Citation Jet series which were designed to be economical while delivering high performance.

The CJ3 is bigger, faster and better than the previous models from Cessna, and its cruising speed even beats the CJ2 while consuming less fuel.

It is a high-performance aircraft with an impressive range and speed.

The Citation Jet 3 offers extreme reliability with no loss of efficiency or comfort. It has a maximum seating capacity for six people. The CJ3 cabin is 0.61m longer than the CJ1 and CJ2, which means extra leg-room. There are three baggage compartments providing a total volume of 1.99 m³.


0+1 people
Number of passengers
0 feet
Operational Ceiling
0 nm
Maximum Range
0 km/h
Cruising speed

Aircraft Interior

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