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Legacy 600

  • Three spacious and comfortable cabin areas
  • Larger cabin area
  • Premium Honeywell Ovation PLEASE CHOOSE™ cabin management system
  • Data transfer rate up to 256 kbps
  • The biggest luggage hold in its category which is also accessible during flight
  • Fully reclining seats
  • Well equipped and spacious Galley
  • Low noise levels in the cabin



Worldwide access to emails, Internet and instant messaging
Data transfer rate up to 256 kbps (large files)
Wi-Fi access
Worldwide telephony coverage to make and receive calls

Comfort and Sophistication

The highly advanced soundproofing materials ensure low noise-levels in the cabin guaranteeing a silent and relaxing flight.
The CBAir Legacy 600 has a varnish finishing of the highest quality and in combination with the adornments the aircraft has a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Baggage Hold

Baggage Hold: 6.8 m³ (240 ft³)
Internal Storage: 1.3 m³ (46 ft³)
Total storage volume: 8.1 m³ (286 ft³) accessible during the flight

0 people
Number of Passengers
0 feet
Operational Ceiling
0 nm
Maximum Range
0 km/h
Cruising speed

Aircraft Interior

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