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Legacy 650

  • Three spacious and comfortable cabin areas
  • Larger cabin area
  • Premium Honeywell Ovation PLEASE CHOOSE™ cabin management system
  • Data transfer rate up to 432 kbps
  • Fully reclining seats
  • Well equipped and spacious Galley
  • The largest luggage compartment in its class and accessible throughout the flight

The Legacy 650 offers all the business tools, entertainment facilities and relaxation tools necessary for an excellent flight experience. With three separate cabin areas the Legacy 650 has the biggest cabin, galley and washroom in its class. The baggage compartment is fully accessible during flight so that you can have access to whatever you need whenever you need it. Wi-Fi connectivity, high definition screens and an integrated Apple TV create the best possible flying experience for the passenger on board.


Worldwide Access to emails, Internet and instant messaging
Data transfer rate up to 432 kbps (large files)
Wi-Fi Access
Worldwide telephony coverage to make and receive calls

Comfort and Sophistication

The highly advanced soundproofing materials ensure low noise-levels in the cabin guaranteeing a silent and relaxing flight.
The CBAir Legacy 650 has a varnish finishing of the highest quality and in combination with the adornments the aircraft has a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Luggage Hold

Luggage Hold: 6.8m³ (240 ft³)
Internal storage: 1.3 m³ (46 ft³)
Total volume of storage area: 8.1 m³ (286 ft³) accessible during the flight

0 people
Number of Passengers
0 feet
Operational Ceiling
0 nm
Maximum Range
0 km/h
Cruising speed

Aircraft Interior

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